4 Reasons Why You Should Learn How To Sew By Hand

You develop a deeper appreciation for the skill when you learn to sew by hand. No more waiting on your grandparents to come to the rescue when your garment has a minor blemish like a small rip or missing button.  And no, a stapler is not the answer, lol. The great thing is, once you learn a few tricks, learning to sew is just like riding a bike.



You can take a mini sewing kit anywhere, but you can’t always lug around a machine. Think of yourself as a sewing ninja–ready to whip out a needle at any time.


Sometimes, you just can’t avoid it

To my beginner and intermediate readers, we like to think a sewing machine will solve all of our problems, but in cases where the fabric is too delicate, there’s really no point in putting it under the pressure of a machine. Some materials need tender care. And that’s where your skills come in. Prime Example: High-End Clothing (think Michael Kors blouses for women)


I’ll never forget (back in my 20s) — I was walking to my car after a night out and bumped into another girl in the parking lot. She was hunched over, mildly intoxicated, and hiding–“Que paso, mamita?” I asked. She was trying to cover herself as she turned around–“My straps broke, and if I move this shirt is going to fall off!” Luckily, my grandma always taught me to keep a small kit in my purse. HELLO, CONVENIENCE! I had her stitched in 2 mins. Boom, lifesaver.



It’s embarrassing to learn what fast fashion has done to our landfills. ¬†Every time you throw away a piece of clothing because of a rip here and there, our planet sheds a tear–and until we’ve figured out how to handle our waste like the Sweeds, there’s a lot of work to be done. I encourage you to think twice before your next purchase.

That said, I wanna know >> Do you know how to sew by hand? If so, what are your reasons for sewing by hand?

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